Securing your windows and patio doors is a MUST

In 75% of all intrusions the burglar enters through the window or patio door


Often people leave home WITHOUT securing the windows and patio doors

Securing your windows and patio doors can be a very inconvenient. First you have to find the key Рnormally you would find it in a secret place. Then you have to walk from door to door, window to window Рinserting the key, turning the key, make sure that it is locked, taking the key out of the keyhole! And then you have to hang the key back in the secret place.

Secuyou secures all your windows and patio doors with one touch of a button

With one click on a button you will lock all your windows and patio doors. If a door or window is not closed or unable to be secured then you will get a feedback – you will know which window or door to go to in order to close it properly.

Secuyou is probably the best security device for windows and patio doors

  • Keyless
  • Wireless
  • Shock Detection
  • Magnet detection