Our Passion

We have the passion for developing mechatronics Every day we strive to develop the best solutions and deliver the best quality

The Story

This is the story about Leo Laursen who came up with the idea of locking your windows and patio doors with just one click on a button – just like locking a car. The pain of walking around the house to secure the closing and locking of every window and patio door had to be solved, but he couldn’t find a solution on the market. So he filed a patent to protect his idea and started development.


Bring convenient security into people’s everyday life at home or work

Opening a window or patio door should be easy! When you want to exit to your patio door to enjoy a cup of coffee, then it should be able open the door without having to enter and turn a key.


Our vision is to make the electronic lock standard in every window and patio door manufactured – for your convenience and security.

We would like to provide a wide variety of solutions to match every need of securing your windows and patio doors in a convenient way.

The Team

Leo Laursen

Jens Albertsen

We are an experienced team of engineers, designers and supply chain managers.

The owners of Secuyou is the founder Leo Laursen and Jens Albertsen, who is dedicated in the every day operation of the company.


We are situated in an office space in ScionDTU – a science park located on the campus of the Technical University of Denmark. The Secuyou office is app. 10 km north of the city of Copenhagen.

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We have access to some brilliant people and great facilities for prototyping and testing – an accelerator for innovation.