door lock and alarm

Two different products exist on the market today: the DIY product (type August or Lockitron) and the Installation product (type YALE Doorman) – the naming of the categories describes the need for a professional to install the lock. The YALE Doorman type has a keyboard on the exterior, so that you can type in a six digit code to unlock. The August type lock has no keyboard and to unlock you need a smart phone. What is the value of an electronic main door lock? (Compared to a main door lock with a traditional key) – No keys – it enables you to unlock with a code or a smart phone – no key to stick into keyhole and turn to unlock/lock – Virtual key – you can distribute a virtual key (by text message) or simply disclose your six digit code – Lower security cost – is the cost of maintaining a level of security. Leaving the key in a boot so that the carpenter can access your home is a security breach, which can be costly. Or shifting the locks because you lost the key in the driveway and can’t find it is expensive as opposed to changing […]


Securing windows and patio doors is important because in 75% of all cases this is the preferred entry-point of a building – simply because it is the weakest point on the building envelope. So what is the best security solution for my window and patio door? Basically the windows and patio door can be secured with mechanical and/or electronic devices. A mechanical device is most likely a lock and the electronic device is e.g. a Shock Detector or Magnet contact. Mechanical devices will strengthen the mechanical properties of a window or patio door and electronic devices will trigger an alarm in the event of an intrusion. Both electronic and mechanical devices are preventive for intrusion – the burglar needs more time to break in (mechanical) and the electronic device will trigger an alarm (electronic). Also electronic and mechanical devices will be of use once the burglar has succeeded getting access to the interior of the building because the alarm will limit the time spend in the building and the mechanical devices (locks) will block the escape routes and exit routes. Can we exclude one from the other? In other words, why have both mechanical and electronic devices installed? If no […]


When choosing a window or a patio door for your house, you would normally take two things into consideration: – Price of the window / patio door – Architectural fit – does it fit the architecture of my house Security of the window or patio door is not an issue even though you will find very good arguments for focusing on exactly security. One very good argument is that in 75% of all cases the burglar enters the building through a window or patio door – And the reason is simply because the window and patio door is the weak point of the building envelope. Fact is that security sells when a home owner feels a threat(ened). At that point of time windows and patio doors are secured – retrofitted with a number of security devices like mechanical locks (the standard key and lock) and electronic security devices (for example a magnet detector). This is a pity, because first of all the architectural fit that you considered when purchasing the window will be compromised. Secondly the window or patio door gets very difficult to open – which originally was not the intention. In a perfect market, every window and patio […]