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To integrate an electronic main door lock with an intrusion detection system makes sense, or does it really?

Author: jenzo

Two different products exist on the market today: the DIY product (type August or Lockitron) and the Installation product (type YALE Doorman) – the naming of the categories describes the need for a professional to install the lock.

The YALE Doorman type has a keyboard on the exterior, so that you can type in a six digit code to unlock.
The August type lock has no keyboard and to unlock you need a smart phone.

What is the value of an electronic main door lock? (Compared to a main door lock with a traditional key)

– No keys – it enables you to unlock with a code or a smart phone – no key to stick into keyhole and turn to unlock/lock

– Virtual key – you can distribute a virtual key (by text message) or simply disclose your six digit code

– Lower security cost – is the cost of maintaining a level of security. Leaving the key in a boot so that the carpenter can access your home is a security breach, which can be costly. Or shifting the locks because you lost the key in the driveway and can’t find it is expensive as opposed to changing the six digit code on your electronic main door lock

– Maintenance cost? – is the cost of maintaining the functionality of the lock. The electronic main door lock has a motor and other stuff to be maintained besides a new spring and a drop of oil to smoothen the mechanics. The maintenance cost stays unanswered due to the relatively short life time of the electronic main door lock

No question – the future of the electronic main door lock looks bright. It has a lot of features that I believe will kill the lock with a traditional key!
The electronic lock as a stand alone product can be integrated with an intrusion detection system by installing a bridge in the lock.

What is the advantage of having an electronic main door lock working with your intrusion detection system?

In addition to the features of the stand alone product mentioned above, the only advantage is that you can arm/unarm the intrusion detection system when locking/unlocking the door.
It is also possible to unlock a door from a remote place which is needed in some very rare situations – only in case you have a DIY type August and the person that you would like to give access does not own a Smartphone.
But apart from this very rare situation, the single benefit of integrating an electronic main door lock with an intrusion detection system is to unarm/arm the alarm system when you unlock/lock the main door.
To enable this feature has a cost – you need to purchase the bridge that connects your lock with the intrusion detection system. A bridge will normally cost about USD 90 for an end-user, which in my view is too high for the value of convenience!

Will the electronic main door lock be a core product in an intrusion detection system?

Likely not – from an end-user perspective the value for money is poor.
Most likely the end-user will buy a stand alone electronic lock and then arm and disarm the alarm system as normal.

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