Why secure my window or patio door?

Author: jenzo

When choosing a window or a patio door for your house, you would normally take two things into consideration:

– Price of the window / patio door
– Architectural fit – does it fit the architecture of my house

Security of the window or patio door is not an issue even though you will find very good arguments for focusing on exactly security.
One very good argument is that in 75% of all cases the burglar enters the building through a window or patio door –
And the reason is simply because the window and patio door is the weak point of the building envelope.

Fact is that security sells when a home owner feels a threat(ened).
At that point of time windows and patio doors are secured – retrofitted with a number of security devices like mechanical locks (the standard key and lock) and electronic security devices (for example a magnet detector).
This is a pity, because first of all the architectural fit that you considered when purchasing the window will be compromised. Secondly the window or patio door gets very difficult to open – which originally was not the intention.

In a perfect market, every window and patio door should have lock integrated as a standard – seamlessly.
However in respect to how the real market works then the best solution is to have one simple and nicely fitted device that will lock your door / window automatically when you are not home and monitor any attempts for break-in (magnet detection and shock detection).
Secuyou can offer exactly that.

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